At, enter your username and password and press log on.

Once logged on and in  Nwea Reports, look at the green menu on the side, find ONLINE REPORTS and select TEACHER REPORTS.

At  Teacher Reports, select the school term (such as Fall) and the year you want to view, and at GOAL SCORES select VIEW BY RIT RANGES. Press submit. Be sure to pick a school term in which a test has been given! Do it now.

What Will You See? RIT scores for all your students, arranged from lowest to highest. In Science, for example, you will see RIT ranges under Physical Science, Life Science and Earth Science for each student.

Keep scrolling down to see all your test Teacher Reports.

Next Stop - Class Breakdown By RIT. This report groups your students for you, even within the concepts. A student with low RIT scores in Earth Science may be in a higher RIT range in Physical Science.

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