Each stop on this map represents a place on the .nwea login page where you can get a valuable report.

First Stop - Select Teacher Reports, which give you an overall view of RIT scores for each student on each of the tests you gave. Then log on to https://reports.nwea.org then minimize this logon/menu site to maximize later for other reports.

Second Stop - Great news! Class Breakdown by Overall RIT divides your students into groups for you, sorted by RIT achievement ranges. Breakdown by Goal groups students within each subcategory or strand. So a student will have an overall RIT range for Science, and then a RIT range for each of the strands such as Physical or Life Science.

Side Trip! The Differentiated Instruction page offers you ideas for varying teaching methods and ways students can demonstrate learning.

Third Stop - Descartes gives you the content you need for any subject, strand and RIT range.