Log on at https://reports.nwea.org or maximize the nwea logon/menu site and select on the green side menu at INSTRUCTIONAL RESOURCES and choose CLASS BREAKDOWN BY RIT. Select the fall, winter or spring term. You will see the results for all the tests if you keep scrolling and select the pdf option to print your results.

Your most informative report - Class Breakdown by Goal (or strands). Click one of the subject areas such as Math, and you will see exactly where each student fits in a group for specific strands (such as Geometry, etc.).

At this point you can decide which subject area, which group and which specific concept or strand to focus on.

Now you need the specific content to move a group to a higher RIT range within a selected category of the subject area on which you chose to focus.To see the designated content for that group, we move to "Descartes".

The specific content to move any of the groups to a higher RIT level in any of the subjects in any of the concepts are all specified. This data should save you a ton of work and help you know exactly what to teach whom.

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